Sunday, July 8, 2007

Now is the time for all good Memphians to come to the aid of their city! With the upcoming local elections October 4, 2007, we have the opportunity to chart a new course, set new priorities, and bring Memphis into the 21st Century. Here’s a few things I’d like to see happen:

1) Inclusiveness vs. Divisiveness: Let’s view Memphis as a collection of hardworking families dedicated to making a better world. Let’s replace negative rhetoric with meaningful communication – starting in City Hall, where civil discourse is sorely needed.

2) Ethics, Above All: Our city’s leaders project Memphis’s image to the world. Let’s set higher standards and become a beacon of hope, not an abyss of cynicism.

3) Do A Lot With A Little: Huge, costly public projects that divert millions of tax dollars MUST take a backseat to bread-and-butter issues like crime prevention, clean streets, and reliable services.

4) Job Creation vs. Cronyism: Job creation can no longer be restricted to an elite few at the expense of the taxpayer.

5) Parks vs. Pavement: Memphis’s parks have been neglected for far too long. It is time to reawaken our sense of civic pride and tend our garden.

6) Promotion, promotion, promotion: Let’s promote Memphis’s authenticity, ingenuity, creativity, and talent. Our location as the nation’s hub for commerce by rail, road, and river must be maximized to accommodate emerging technologies. Memphis’s historic place as the nation’s most diverse and productive Southern city must be honored and supported.

I urge you to challenge the status quo and help take Memphis to a higher level so that we can all be proud of our home and make it a destination for the world. I pledge to do my part and this is why I want to represent the heart of Memphis as your District 5 City Councilperson. I wish to express the utmost gratitude to everyone who has encouraged our local effort to lift up our city over the past two years. This campaign is the next step in seeking justice for all Memphians. Welcome to this forum for discussion and action!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for caring, Denise. It is time we took a perspective of inclusiveness to make Memphis a place where all citizens are proud to live. It doesn't take someone "ordained by God" to lead this city - that pompous reasoning has no place in a city government and closes the door to accessability from constituents. But if God were to ordain someone... She just might pick Denise. Here's to a better future for our city... I am voting for you!

Kristi Witt said...

The writer of the first comment was me... Kristi Witt. For what its worth, I am unaccustomed to commenting on blogs and neglected to type in my name.

Anonymous said...

Memphis needs Denise. Enough is enough!