Saturday, November 10, 2007

Strolling thru the park one day

I suppose I have to record the experience, no matter how distasteful, of being led thru the park (formerly Libertyland) by a minion of Cindy Buchanan's, to see the dumpster that was once Midtown's pride and joy. There were half a dozen witnesses to this degrading group experience.

Now that criminals are getting gunned down in broad daylight in Overton Park, perhaps the city's O.O.M. department (Oppressors of Motherhood) will give us back the beautiful park that used to to delight the children of Cooper-Young, and elsewhere.

To see the 29 acres as a dump is rather depressing, and an insult to to taxpayer. As we watched valuable ornamental shrubs being trucked out, we could only ask, "WHY?"


The luxury of blogging has to do with convenience. Whereas previously, before 9/11 and the War On Tarrah, great Amurrrican families prided themselves on the luxury of their own (oftimes quirky) traditions -- ranging from touch football (a la the Kennedys) to observing 4:20 (as per the Clintons during their Arkansas governorship), nowadays, whatever suffices must suffice.

Steve Cohen was man enough to stand up for upholding our nation's constitution. Memphis needs more heroes like Steve Mulroy, Steve Cohen, and especially Steve Parkinson. Talk about even -Steven. If more people lived the Golden Rule, life would be hassle-free.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Like a Steam Locomotive

Thank goodness for Councilman Lowery, Commissioner Mulroy, and Man-With-the-Plan Erickson. They secured us a tour of the park to assess the condition of the historic rides. The little engine that could (Save Libertyland!) chugs onward.

But when things get rolling, there's no telling where they'll stop. In our case, our family is moving out of Memphis, due to a convergence of fate and opportunity. It will be interesting to see if we're still in town when the Zippin Pippin gets placed on the National Historic Register -- we may just have to celebrate from afar.

The rollercoaster ride continues!