Saturday, September 29, 2007

Home Stretch!

As we come down the track, the weather's Indian Summer and a change is in the air. We have heard of strange Internet rumors regarding the billionaire tycoon CEO of Graceland-E.P.E. -- could he want to finally step up and buy the Pippin, saving it from the rampaging developers? Or is he one himself, requesting $275,000 of YOUR tax dollars from the current council -- to build a giant gate to Graceland!

Strange phone calls from L.A., tomorrow's picket of the last day of the Fair (Honk if You Love the Pippin!)-- plus, very soon the word from D.C. on Elvis's Favorite Rollercoaster being placed by US on the National Historic Register!

Excitement! Tuesday's trip to the council (THANKS to Carol Chumney and Myron Lowery, plus Madeleine Cooper-Taylor, for pushing the resolution and doing the Lord's Work) -- we will finally see if the Council will follow the County Commission and vote to save our park. See you there!

Parks Committee Agenda Meeting -- 5th floor
City Hall
11:00 am
Tuesday, Oct. 2


Anonymous said...

Have you contacted them? EPE?

*** said...

They contacted us thru a third party, a lady in L.A. -- but since that call we learned that Jack Soden nixed the Pippin acquisition, claiming it doesn't "fit in" with the Graceland redevelopment plan, to be modeled on "Disney After Dark," eccchhh.

But as Steve Mulroy said, "It's THEIR loss." And the Pippin is still standing on the Moral High Ground.