Friday, October 5, 2007

Memphis Lost?

An architect living in Memphis suggested the title above as a possible name for our movie (Mike McCarthy's documentary, tentatively titled "Destroy Memphis"). It felt right last night, when we decked the garden in strings of lights and watched as Hermann Morris siphoned off just enough votes for the Mayor to receive an unprecedented 5th term. Carol was very gracious and brave in her concession speech -- it would have been nice to make history as the first female mayor of Memphis.

District 5 split half-a-dozen ways, with Lord Jim getting 20,000 votes, "Bob" got 3,000, I came in third with 1,794, and Mug-Shot Man got 1,000 or so! The others were in the 400s range.

When I am not so tired perhaps I can figure out the amount of dollars spent per vote. The top vote-getters spent over $100,000 dollars, with bus stops, billboards, TV spots, the works. We spent $500 on printing and gasoline... truly a grass-roots effort, down to the hand-painted signs w/vintage lettering and lots of family and friends getting very sweaty. Will this heatwave ever let up?


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