Sunday, September 9, 2007

Beautiful Summer Rain

Well, even though our planned Grandparents' Day Festival did get totally rained out, we learned something: People with young children really do need venues for family fun in Midtown.

For example, a stop by the Rock-N-Romp yesterday revealed that the ongoing family-oriented backyard party/live music formula has proven so successful that now a larger venue is needed -- the lovely trio Those Darlins performed bluegrassy stomping music, but the place was much too jampacked for dancing! How wonderful it would have been to have access to the various amphitheatres locked away in our Fairgrounds park -- the continued closure is nonsensical.

Next September' s Grandparents Day will find our network of nonprofits way ahead of the game, so that when the National Carousel Association brings their annual convention to Memphis to congratulate us for saving the Grand Carousel, we will have a cool Festival -- with provisions for a rain date!

In other rainy Sunday news: The Commercial Appeal is (again) reporting on some rumors about an indoor theme park at the Pyramid -- but, for the first time, writing about the Grand Carousel being moved there. Meanwhile, Midtown families have nowhere to go with young children, while our lovely park sits padlocked when it could be generating fun, jobs and revenues for the city.

Meanwhile, out at the Delta Fair last week, some members of Save Libertyland! witnessed the dunking booth operator yelling racist slurs at African-American and Mexican families. Seems like these days the only fair going on is an UNFAIR.

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