Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September, Thank Heavens!

The entire month of August has been one hot, baking ordeal, and thank God it is over. I have had a chance now to outline my platform at several forums and have met my opponents. Basically, my view is that we take back Memphis one park at a time. The bottom line is, if we don't then the city's parks department will continue to be used as a cash cow by the city's "leaders."

The current administration's policy of liquidating park assets is emblematic of how backwards our priorities are -- when mothers and children must go begging for what is rightfully and historically the "common ground" of the community, then something is dreadfully wrong.

I find my opponents to be skilled in their respective fields (they are all lawyers and/or various board members) but I have to ask: Where have you guys been for the past two years while our families have been fighting the most corrupt land-grab in Memphis history? We could have used the help of some heavy-hitters!

Currently, we're getting ready to inaugurate a new, family-friendly festival. It will be in honor of Grandparents' Day (the Sunday after Labor Day) and this year it will be from noon til 7 pm in Peabody Park in Cooper-Young (Cooper at Higbee streets) on Sunday, September 9th.

Next year, if we get another miracle, it will be held in the Fairgrounds Park adjacent to the Carousel and Pippin, so that we can welcome the National Carousel Association to town for their annual convention. They value our effort!

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