Friday, September 21, 2007


Today (Friday, September 21) at 12 noon, Save Libertyland! will hold a press conference at the Department of Parks and Recreation, 2599 Avery in Midtown, to announce some RARE GOOD NEWS:

Despite an extraordinary attempt by MAYOR WILLIE HERENTON to BLOCK the process, the Tennessee State Historical Commission in Nashville has just OVERRULED the city administration's written request to DENY the consideration of Elvis's Favorite Rollercoaster (the Zippin Pippin) for placement on the NATIONAL HISTORIC REGISTER.
HOW LOW can "King Willie" go in his attempt to block recognition of "The King"'s Favorite Ride?
WHY is the Mayor himself a "hater" when it comes to families, fun, and community?
WHEN will our Mayor stop lying to the community he was elected to represent?
These answers and more in the continuing rollercoaster ride of Save Libertyland!, the local community group founded to preserve the Fairgrounds' historic park. Although currently "Libertyland" exists as a state of mind, we continue to move forward to prove the value of our unique landmark tourist attractions. Value, NOT vacancy, is our goal.
*successes so far:
Grand Carousel: National Historic Register landmark saved from auction. Estimated value: $6 million (according to National Carousel Association)
Zippin Pippin: Donated to Save Libertyland! by Carolina Crossroads, the theme park that purchased the cars for $25,000. Approved to continue process toward being placed on National Historic Register by Tennessee State Historical Commission
Fairgrounds Park Feasibility Study: Approved by Shelby County Commission, August 27

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