Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Town Without Pity

I recalled the classic Gene Pitney tune after yesterday's trip to City Hall to see what our tax dollars are paying for. Turned out to be yet another delay in the continuing saga of Fleecing the Fairgrounds & Looting Liberty (both Land and Bowl.) Our band of Midtowners witnessed some particularly odious shilling by one Councilperson, who complained that the bally-hooed Stadium Report could not be discussed, shown, or voted upon, as it was known to be "incomplete."

I remember reading the administration's quotes (reported by David Williams, a stickler of a writer). Robert Lipscomb called the report "ridiculous" and "plagued with mistakes," but not incomplete.

So the outcome: more time (and $140,000) wasted, no decisions made, no truth told. Years are going by, and our city has been hijacked by people who only cause DELAY.

And the latest indignity -- that the Mayor would even try to halt early voting -- just adds to the surreality. The Mayor is now trying to disenfranchise Memphians.

I hope enough people are as fed up as I am about this Logjam Administration and Weak-kneed Council that we can end this limbo and give our children a chance to live in a decent city. Only Carol Chumney spoke against further delay.

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